Hi there, I'm Trish! Once upon a time I was a blogger that thought she was really going places, but it never really worked out the way I planned. Then I found myself unexpectedly single, with a toddler, and blogging became a thing of the past. But I've missed it. I've missed making connections and putting my thoughts out into the world, even if only a few people read them. So I've decided to make a very uneventful comeback, and just start blogging my life and thoughts again. 

So who am I and what can you expect from me? Well, I'm a busy homeschool 40-something single mom to one amazing 10 year old boy. We live on a little plot of land in Southern Michigan with my parents and brother. Oh, and we all run a restaurant together. It's not quite a conventional setup, but we make it work and have fun along the way. But most importantly, I am a Christ-follower. My faith and relationship with Jesus shape all that I am and all that I do.

I don't have any big goals for this blog. I might blog about a trip to the zoo one day and throw a list of my favorite books at you the next. Much like the rest of my life, it'll be eclectic. My biggest hope is that no matter what I do with this blog, I do it in a way that honors God. 

I'm really glad you're here. I hope you'll stick around. 

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